Transportation Safety Consultants
Human Factors Research
We conduct original transportation-related research experiments that explore the interaction between humans and their visual environment.
Expert Witness Testimony
We are professional researchers who apply what we have learned in over 30 years of conducting experiments to specific legal cases related to human visual perception, traffic control devices,
commercial signage, motor vehicle crashes, and transportation safety.
Who we are
Philip Garvey
Philip Garvey's educational background is in psychology, visual perception, and the design of experiments. He has been conducting research on traffic signs and other roadway devices for over thirty years. In addition to his highway work, Mr. Garvey has been designing and running experiments to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of storefront and billboard signs since 1994.
Jennifer Klena
Jennifer Klena's educational background is in health and human development. She worked for over ten years coordinating special events and securing long term development funds for agency programs. Eight years ago, Ms. Klena re-careered and began working as a researcher, improving farm tractor safety and the visibility of highway and commercial signs.
Why us?
We have a unique skill set developed over many years of applied research.
We understand how to evaluate human interaction with the highway environment.
We're a small business focused on our clients' needs.
We never take on more work than we can handle, guaranteeing you our attention and the ability to deliver in a timely manner.
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Chris Auffrey
Your body of published research helped model the significance of the collaboration between academia and interdisciplinary fields of practice. Your reputation and expertise in the field of traffic engineering and safety are legendary.
Richard Crawford
Board Member & USSCF Legislative & Zoning Advisor
United States Sign Council Foundation, Inc.
The USSC Foundation has worked with Garvey and Associates for many years on multiple research projects and has found their work product to be impeccable, their research methodology always top-notch, and can highly recommend them.
Erica Smith
Garvey & Associates was easy to work with and delivered an excellent product.
John Bosio
I have worked with Phil for more than 10 years on wayfinding projects in Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania, he is my go-to researcher for all issues related to signage. The data and information gathered through his testing and reporting has been a valuable asset in helping us make smart design decisions, as well as gain the necessary approvals from the various agencies involved in our projects
A look at our work on traffic sign legibility
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